Bringing you stories from the people at Station F in Paris, the world's biggest startup campus.

Station F

Hold Tight podcast explores the untold stories behind some exciting projects developing at Station F, the world's largest startup campus in downtown Paris. 

In each episode Tam and Nico get to dig deep into the background of some of the most promising people and ventures growing out of this unique environment. 

Our goal with Hold Tight is not only to share inspiring stories and lessons from people thriving to make a global impact, but also to document the evolution of a brand new startup ecosystem through the perspective of its residents. 

We hope that by showing a new face of Paris as a growing innovation hub our podcast attracts more people and ideas to the City of Lights and inspires them to give a new meaning to their entrepreneurial endeavors.




Beyond ego and money - HJ Barraza, Collective Academy (Co-founder)

It’s a very different challenge teaching entrepreneurship to immigrants that come to Mexico City than to Guerrilla fighters who grew up in the jungle, who don’t know how to read or write and only know how to count money, guns and bullets says HJ as he explains what Collective Academy sets out to achieve from Station F for the migrant community arriving in Europe. A life changing experience that has HJ reflect on his own career path and personal motivations from Mexico to Paris.


The migrant-led innovation wave - Sarah McRae, Place (Entrepreneurial Coordinator)

Originally from Canada, Sarah is a Paris-based entrepreneurial coordinator at Place, a disruptive network providing migrants with the opportunity to get involved in innovation labs. According to her if we have more systems and tools in place for migrant-led innovation, then we should expect a boom in innovation as diversity in France is only growing.


A meaning of life beyond the startup - Martin Besson, Sans_A (Founder - President)

After being kicked out of high school for selling electronic cigarettes, Martin Besson felt he had no future… But he knew that he could be useful to people if he could help them. So he decided to challenge himself to spend 24 hours living on the streets of Paris like a homeless. Listen to find out what happens.